A Conversation on Colorism and Beauty Perception with Anya Zen

Q: Being a professional model, how was the industry reacting to brown skin color models? A: As I mentioned earlier, my agency said that my darker skin can be one of my biggest assets and that’s exactly how the modeling industry responded to it. I worked with a lot of designers who chose me becauseContinue reading “A Conversation on Colorism and Beauty Perception with Anya Zen”

Upperclass Chindo Lifestyle Examined Through Baudrillard’s Theory of Simulacra

Only when I came back home to Jakarta a year after where I reexperienced all the cultural norms, the subtle barometer that a collective holds, and genuinely felt the pressure to be performing do I fully grasp the totality of it. So, this is my best attempt of understanding Baudrillard’s theory through the ‘object’ and lifestyle that I am most exposed to Upperclass Chindo Lifestyle.