A Conversation on Colorism and Beauty Perception with Anya Zen

As an Indonesian, it is inevitable how post colonialism and globalization has shaped our perception of beauty and aesthetics. Without question, teachers, parents, friends of parents, and our very own friends help solidify certain meanings on beauty and it unconsciously became a definitive truth for us. Typically, what is most looked down on for IndonesianContinue reading “A Conversation on Colorism and Beauty Perception with Anya Zen”

Upperclass Chindo Lifestyle Examined Through Baudrillard’s Theory of Simulacra

Only when I came back home to Jakarta a year after where I reexperienced all the cultural norms, the subtle barometer that a collective holds, and genuinely felt the pressure to be performing do I fully grasp the totality of it. So, this is my best attempt of understanding Baudrillard’s theory through the ‘object’ and lifestyle that I am most exposed to Upperclass Chindo Lifestyle.