Statue toppling: Why I think that it isn’t about “dwelling in the past we can’t change” but instead, moving forward into “the future where we can”

Following the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, statues of figures with a controversial past have been defaced and/or toppled. Ultimately, this brings in radical change and making far more than a statement from the voices of those who have been so used to being silenced.

My Thoughts on the “Spiritual Influencers” Dominating Social Media

I’ve personally never heard of the term “spiritual influencers” up until a few months ago. A number of my friends online tend to share so many different content about well-being and manifesting that I wasn’t so sure what it all really meant

It’s Time we Push for an Indonesian Data Privacy Regulation, and Here’s Why you Should Care

A while back ago, the largest eCommerce platform in the country, Tokopedia suffered a data breach that led to the loss of 15 million user records. It was also revealed that the hackers kept the details of 91 million users up for sale on the dark web.