Abstract Column aims to showcase some of the everyday thoughts, questions, experiences, and creations done by everyday people.




Created in the most raw way possible.
In the most abstract way imagined.




All views on the content within Abstract Column belong to the content creators themselves. We strongly believe in integrity and freedom of speech. Most importantly, we believe in living in a world where we can express and explore complex issues in the most creative ways. To get a bigger picture, maybe check out why we created Abstract Column ?


Our Team

Brodie Bavidge

Founder / Editor 

I spend most of the time contemplating on things and writing about those things while I’m at it. Keeping up with the news has always been a habit of mine from a really young age. Fast forward several years later, I find myself being on social media almost everyday. Which can get tiring. Especially during a global pandemic. However, because of the amount of different content I saw, I had an idea to create a space where people are able to address some of the most complex issues in their own creative way.

After getting some of the most talented and patient friends together, we decided to try something new.

Catharina Krisanti

Founder / Art Director/ Digital Designer

I love to randomize things and discover new stuff in my daily routines. Building Abstract Column’s visual identity has brought me the fulfillment of disrupting my mundane agenda. As abstract as its contents, I believe this platform caters lots of creativity and freedom to express and even squabble in harmless and fun ways. This includes not just limiting ourselves only through our copy-writing and visuals.

I feel like Abstract Column as part of a playground where we can play around without any insecurities to be judged and I hope the readers and contributors could experience the same way as I am.

Christopher Geralno

Founder / Editor 

Looking out for some of the most interesting and compelling topics has been the pass-time during the pandemic. After getting in touch with the rest of the team, I’m also looking out for headline news but also the reactions that the people around me have.

Kevin Ferdinand Aipassa 

Founder / Marketing 

When the team and I talked about where we wanted to take the content on Abstract Column, I decided to take care of our pieces on social media. I think that our presence on social media (especially Instagram) isn’t just about putting the creations of our contributors out there, but it can also serve as an inspiration for other people to express themselves and possibly reach out to us at some point in the future.

Most importantly, the whole idea of Abstract Column is to address everyday social issues in the most creative and fun way possible.

Yuu Osari Uchida

Founder / Designer

What makes Abstract Column, abstract, is the way the visuals are created. Using this opportunity as a creative outlet for my creative hobby, the illustrations I make aim to convey the messages of each written respectful piece.

Contribute to Abstract Column

Contribute anything. Literally anything.



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