Thai in Thousands

The people of Thailand have taken to the streets of Bangkok and other major cities in the country to defy a harsh crackdown against the pro-democracy movement that is currently challenging both the Thai king and the prime minister. 

As the people continue to stand against the police water cannons, rallies have started to spread across Thailand in the past few months as protesters are making demands for a reformation of the country’s monarchy (who are seriously protected by a  “Lèse-majesté” law – basically making them untouchable). 

The government has already attempted to stop protests by introducing an emergency decree in Bangkok that bans gatherings of five or more people. They have also arrested groups of activists, including student and youth leaders alike.

Similar to the Hong Kong protests, images and videos circulated the internet as thousands of people stood strong againts the water cannons being used by riot police.

Art by: Yuu Uchida
20th October 2020


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