Indonesia’s ‘Jurassic Park’

This viral photo showing a Komodo dragon facing a construction truck sparked concerns about a “Jurassic Park themed” attraction being built on an Indonesian island.

The much talked about multi-million dollar site is a part of the government’s plans to boost tourism in Komodo National Park. However, the viral image left many people to question the impact it might have on the ongoing conservation of the dragons. Officials did say that no dragons had been harmed and that their safety and wellbeing is at their utmost attention.

The famous image of a Komodo facing the truck on Rinca Island had been shared on social media. It was first posted by Save Komodo Now (Kawan Baik Komodo), a group of activitsts who continue to put attention into the ongoing project.

The development of the park is scheduled for completion by sometime in June 2021.   

Art by: Yuu Uchida
1st November 2020


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