Biden Wins US Presidential Elections

Joe Biden wins the US presidential elections. Donald Trump still isn’t fully convinced. By the numbers, Biden’s victory was not really a landslide to say the least. However, as far as the numbers are concerned, Joe may go down as a transitional figure in the shift from Republican to Democrat. An important one to add to that. Moving forward, he faces a shaken and polarized American public.

A few days ago, senior Republicans have also accepted Joe Biden’s victory as the Democrat party secured a substantial victory in the Electoral College vote.

Lindsey Graham of South Caroline and John Cornyn of Texas were among the senators that it was time to accept defeat. During the past several weeks, most Republican representatives declined to contradict Donald Trump’s misleading allegations that he would have won in the elections had it not been for “voter fraud”. (Fun tip: Watch any of Trump’s recent speeches and take a shot for everytime he says the word “fraud”).

Additionally, the Electoral College win has also resulted in Russian president Vladimit Purin to congratulate Joe for the first time. More than 150 million Americans voted in this year’s US elections, and a record of more than 80 million voted for Biden (whereas a rough amount of 75 million voted for Trump.

Biden had 306 Electoral College votes, which passed the 270-vote threshold that was needed to secure the White House. Trump had won 232 votes.

Art by: Yuu Uchida

15th December 2020


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