#VISION2020 Kanye Runs for US President

Is Kanye West serious about running for president? Yes. Yes he is.

As of today, Ye had already filed eligibility to run in five different states in the US. From the bat-shit-crazy things he’s said so far, #2020VISION just got real. Like, real-real.

Kanye qualified for ballot access in 12 different states, and sued for ballot access in five additional states. Although he lost on all appeals, he gave up on a few of the states he just couldn’t get an access to. However, Kanye did appear on the California ballot as Rocky De La Fuente’s running partner under the American Independent Party (which was something neither both of them had actually agreed to). Despite Kanye’s name being on the California ballot as a ‘running mate’, Ye encouraged his followers on Twitter to just vote for him as a write-in instead.

Kanye revealed that his “Birthday Party” recieved 60,000 votes. Despite dropping out of the race quite early on, he tweeted “Kanye 2024” which suggests he might not be done just yet.

That’s enough Mr.West, please no more today.

Art by Kelly Rahardja

5th August 2020


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